Go Mama Go Designs

Case Study

With C2FO, start-up Go Mama Go Designs took control of their cash flow and fired their factoring company.

When Georgia Fiebrich had her first child, she soon found she had a problem: the type of products she wanted for her baby just didn’t exist.

So like any good entrepreneur, she decided to fix it. In 2007, she launched Go Mama Go Designs with one mission: create unique baby products that celebrate motherhood.

“C2FO provides me cash flow control and certainty so I can take more time to enjoy the ride of running my business.”

Georgia Fiebrich, Founder of Go Mama Go Design

The Challenge

Georgia started small, selling her products door-to-door at local boutiques. Soon, people started taking notice, and larger orders began rolling in.

“From starting off in local boutiques to now selling across the world in large retailers, we have always needed cash quicker than we could get it.”

As Georgia’s business grew, so did her need for cash to meet the minimum order counts and higher volume demanded by increasingly larger customers.

To bridge the gap between her production schedule and her customers’ long terms, she started factoring her invoices—but factoring came with its own headaches.

“Working with factoring companies meant basically selling my soul and ruining my accounting.”

The Solution

Georgia first discovered C2FO through her partnership with Amazon, and she was immediately attracted by the fact that it let her stay in control of her business’ financial future.

By enabling her to request early payment whenever she chooses, C2FO makes it possible to keep up with order demands from large retailers like Target, Amazon, and Babies “R” Us.

Without constantly having to stress about cash flow, Georgia has been able to focus on what she loves—running a business that makes great products.

As for her old factoring company?

“I won’t use factoring again. C2FO is a dream to a manufacturer who needs cash available on demand.”