The World’s Market for Working Capital®

At C2FO, our mission is to deliver a future where every company around the world has the capital needed to grow. To accomplish this, we're working to free an estimated $43 trillion currently locked up in accounts receivable.

Like many great business concepts, the idea of C2FO was born of necessity and critical observation of a broken system. 

You can trace our roots back to banking, where we recognized the limitations of financial institutions to create a transparent view of working capital finance for small and large companies.

Hear our CEO, Sandy Kemper, describe the 'why' behind C2FO:

In an opaque market, the underwriting of credit is inefficient and costly. It’s a fact that traditional financial intermediaries, whether they are banks, asset-based lenders, factors, or others, simply don’t have visibility to both sides of the A/R and A/P equation. We founded our company to solve this fundamental problem. We believe in a transparent market that eliminates risk and allows suppliers to name their rate for cash flow. Companies have many reasons to want their cash sooner rather than later. We also know that companies with cash would like to get a better return on that cash.

C2FO is the first working capital market in the world. Our ability to create a seamless match between A/R and A/P has enabled efficiency in the riskless provisioning of working capital between suppliers and buyers. Finally, suppliers can take control of their cash flow; buyers can increase EBITDA and gross margin and earn a better return on short-term cash, which improves the financial health of their supply chains.

Just as other major marketplaces like NYSE, NASDAQ, and CBOE route orders between buyers and sellers for equities and options, the C2FO marketplace routes buy and sell orders for cash to and from trading partners in supply chains across the globe. 

Learn more about who we are as a company:

Since our first transaction in March 2010, C2FO’s online marketplace and innovative financial products have accelerated more than $100 billion in payments for companies in over 180 countries. As the world’s largest non-bank provider of working capital, C2FO’s global network includes over one million customers with $10.5 trillion in annual sales. But in a world with a $43 trillion working capital issue, this is only the beginning.

As more companies struggle to access third-party funding, find it difficult to access reasonably priced options or become frustrated with the broken system and processes, C2FO increasingly becomes the answer. And yet, we don’t expect to do it alone. To ensure a strengthened financial system we are leading the charge, but we welcome others who create working capital markets that will affect global gross domestic product through a comprehensive liberation of working capital.

At C2FO, we believe…

  • Working capital is water for commerce and it’s as important to business life as water is to biological life. The problem is that much of this liquidity is trapped.
  • Risk underwriting of working capital is a relic of the world’s broken credit system and that everyone’s A/P is someone else’s A/R. The existing system acts as an opaque wall that blocks desired transparency.
  • Efficient markets are good for business and a marketplace solution for the distribution of working capital has the potential to open the floodgates of liquidity for hundreds of millions of businesses around the world. This has never been done, until now.

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