Turn your invoices into a line of credit

Receivables Finance is an asset-based lending experience that seamlessly integrates with Early Payment programs through C2FO.

Benefits of Receivables Finance from C2FO


Flexible and On Demand

Our streamlined user interface enables you to spend less time in the C2FO application and more time running your business.


Credit limits of as much as $50 million

Your credit availability moves in real time, based on your open invoices and other collateral.


A single, integrated, platform

C2FO provides the only solution integrated with its Early Payment program.


You own it

You continue to work directly with your customers and own those relationships.

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“Receivables Finance really was a godsend for the company. I can't say that enough. The ability to upload our invoices and take payments when needed literally saved the company.”

John Dibling
President, Thinkpiece Partners

We value your time

The Working Capital Advisors at C2FO will craft a solution that meets your company’s unique needs and schedule. Here’s how our process works:


Introduce yourself and let us guide you to the right product​


Agree to a no-risk term sheet


We work with you on a mutually beneficial structure


Start requesting funds based on your invoices or other collateral

Frequently asked questions

Once you’re qualified, your credit limit grows along with your open, eligible receivables and other collateral—to as much as $50 million.

Our application is designed to get you to the best terms possible. We typically ask for financial statements, AP/AR aging summaries, and some other information based on your specific situation. We fully commit to a transparent, timely, and collaborative due diligence process that fits with your schedule.

You submit your eligible invoices or other assets through the C2FO online application. After we verify this information, your available credit is updated immediately. You can request any or all of your availability when you need it.

The cost depends on a number of scenarios. We believe that that the ease of use and integration of Receivables Finance with Early Payment from C2FO make us competitive against banks, factors, and online lenders. We can provide a preliminary term sheet to you over the phone after a discussion about your business.

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